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Lockers? Necessary?

If you walk down the halls of most high schools, you will find that they all have one thing in common: rows upon rows of metal doors with small locks. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that I am talking about lockers. In high school, lockers are optional and do not have to be used by students. However, GMC does not offer any lockers to students. While some students may want a locker, there are more that don't.

According to junior Roxy Stefanacci, "lockers would use a lot of unnecessary space, most students already just leave things in their car. It also makes it pretty easy to snake some bad stuff in if you think about it. I definitely don't want that." Most students have this same opinion that lockers just take up space that we would rather have to widen the hallway.

When speaking to students at other high schools, they all say the lockers take away from the school rather than add to it. At Blue Ridge High School, they say no one actually uses a locker so it would be nice to have wider hallways and demolish the lockers all together.

I found it interesting to hear educated opinions rather than a winning attitude because we are not given the same set up as other schools. Maybe one day GMC will add lockers but until then it seems we all don't mind waiting.