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The Blazers Need a Mascot

Welcome to Greer Middle College Charter High School, Home of the Blazers, Get Fired Up Whoop Whoop. We don't have a mascot anymore and we need to change that!

Our old mascot was the Trailblazer, a man with a raccoon skin hat and blue clothing. Admittedly, a weird choice for a high school. With the plans for a gym to be built, the promise of more sports activities comes with it. What defines the high school experience more than a mascot? High school sports teams always need a mascot that goes to the games along with them.

The choices for the mascot seem limited, but in reality they choices are infinite. There does have to be alliteration in the name, which sounds difficult, but it really isn't! With writing this article I have given some thought to a few potential mascots.

The Blazer Bulldogs. I know, I know, very cliche and boring, but you cannot tell me that bulldogs aren't TOUGH and COOL. Bulldogs are a very good choice for schools because it represents strength and ferocity.

The Blazer Bluebirds. Yeah, I know, kind of lame, but let's be honest, a big part of GMC culture are the Blazer Blue polos. A Blazer Bluebird would be an unorthodox choice, but a very on-brand one.

The Blazer Bobcats. Bobcats are literally the coolest feline mascot choice. Fierce, small, and powerful. So powerful that even Billy the Exterminator did not mess with them. Bobcats are known for being dangerous and threatening. Bobcats cannot be contained, and they don't plane to be, much like our Blazers!

The Trailblazin' Tazmanian Devils. A mouthful, I know, but it sounds cool. As. Heck. The mascot suit could be so cool, along with the wild dancing whoever is in the suit would have to do.

The Trailblazin' Turkeys. Turkeys are very weird and unique animals. They may seem a little goofy, but wild turkeys are crazy! They are insane and very defensive. Much like us Blazers, full of pride and determination from gaining a new building and plans for a gym.

I know mascots are hard to have. Getting someone to wear the suit, go to all of the games, and support the team by dancing very insanely. If no one wants to be the mascot, use this article to make ME, Riley Grubbs be the GMC mascot. These are all my ideas for a Blazer mascot, I hope someone, somewhere likes these ideas.

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