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Teachers as Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters

1. Mr. Davis: Jake Peralta

Mr. Davis has a personality very similar to Jake Peralta's personality. They both manage to get their work done- and do it well- while being hilarious and friendly to those around them.

2. Mrs. Davis: Amy Santiago

Amy Santiago and Mrs. Davis are both kind, strong, and incredibly intelligent. Of course they are friendly, but you probably shouldn't get on their bad side...

3. Ms. Schonhar: Rosa Diaz

Rosa Diaz is basically the coolest person ever, and Ms. Schonhar is basically the coolest real person I know. That is all.

4. Mr. Frans: Terry Jeffords

Much like Terry, Mr. Frans is an encouraging leader and positive source at GMC. He can have fun and joke around, but he always gets his work done and makes sure others get their work done as well.

5. Ms. Earle: Gina Linetti

Gina and Ms. Earle hold so much power. You love them, but you might be terrified of them. They can probably see into the future, too. This is their world. Welcome to the G-Hive. Or in this case, E-Hive.

6. Mr. Cook: Charles Boyle

Mr. Cook is most like Charles Boyle because they are both loyal and caring friends, and they can somehow always tell when you need some comic relief.

7. Coach Smith and Mr. McCaskill: Hitchcock and Scully

Like Hitchcock and Scully, Mr. McCaskill and Coach Smith are similar to Hitchcock and Scully because they have probably been in the business longer than most, and they can get the job done when they need to. They are also gifted in making their students laugh.

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