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Sen19r Will & Testaments

These are the last words of the Class of 2019, a chance for them to dedicate their traits and/or belongings to faculty or underclassman friends. With these last words, they are ready to graduate.

I, Zoe Spearman, leave to Lily Smith, Riley Grubbs, Fatou Diedhiou, and Zoe Feser the gmchomeofthememes Instagram account.

I, Hannah Leonhardt, leave to Belle Lewis the yearbook. I know you'll make me proud.

I, Tristen Thomas, leave to all future Blazers the pleasant breeze which greets you when you step outside of the building on a fall or spring day. The chatter exchanged with a fellow student as you wait in line for the microwave. The laughter shared with a good friend in College Sem. These are the moments that make up a four year experience unlike any other. Enjoy them while they last.