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Top 10 Endgame Spoilers That Aren't Spoilers

The new, highly anticipated Avengers movie has come out, so that means you have to be careful about avoiding spoilers. People on the internet are dying to spoil the Endgame for us all, so I've decided to beat them to the punch and spoil it here. Please note: these are not real spoilers, they will not ruin your Endgame experience if you have yet to see it.

1. Thanos goes to Coachella!

I'm surprised that Marvel went in this direction, but I am satisfied nonetheless. My favorite part of the story arc was when Thanos sang along with Billie Eilish on stage! I would love a spin-off sequel to this little bit.

2. Thanos gets a tramp stamp while at Coachella.

A very odd detail to add in here, Marvel. I never saw Thanos as the tramp stamp guy, but I think he made a good choice with the Garfield one. Tasteful and classy, as always, Thanos.

3. Antman gets lice.

Ironic, right?

4. Spiderman eats a pizza.

20 whole minutes of Tom Holland trying to eat a pizza with a mask on. Thank you, Marvel! For the ASMR foodies in the audience.

5. Thor has dreadlocks now.

Very controversial, how have you not heard this? He was cancelled on Twitter, with the hashtag #thundergodisoverparty. Insane. I hope he issues an official apology soon.

6. Shawn Mendes dies.

I enjoyed the short-lived cameo. As he died he screamed in perfect falsetto.

7. Thanos starts a TikTok.

We don't get to see him put in his birthday, so sorry lore people, keep theorizing. I did enjoy Thanos trying to make his transitions perfect.

8. Thanos joins Fleetwood Mac.

Odd choice, but I respect it. He starts writing music for them too. He writes an absolute bop and becomes famous. Good job, Thanos.

9. Detective Pikachu DESTROYS Thanos!!!

I was NOT expecting this one, but everyone in the theater cried when Pikachu came up. After Thanos was defeated by Pikachu, everyone got drinks with Pikachu.

10. Captain America gets dress-coded for the lack of Blazer blue in his outfit.

I was not expecting Mr. Dillard to appear, but I did think that Captain America had the wrong shade of blue on. I am grateful that Mr. Dillard got him so soon. Everyone let out a sigh of relief when we saw that Captain America was sitting in Mrs. Meyer's room for 30 minutes. But in all honesty, what IS Blazer blue?

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