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Is Senior Project/Senior Internship a Good Idea?

Is Senior Project/Senior Project Internship a good idea? When you think about it, life is just one massive project. There is a beginning to an end and everything in between is what you make of it. Life is brimmed with obstacles, and sometimes we aren’t prepared. Senior Project Internship allowed me have a glimpse to see what the real world was all about. During the eight months I grew my horizons as I worked in an office and met so many employees and people. There were times where I grew frustrated, and all I wanted to do what to quit. But what happens when you just give up? Life still goes on. What happens when you don’t plan accordingly? Life still happens. Procrastination is something that everybody deals with. I tutor a child in fourth grade, and he didn't want to do his project so he kept pushing it off. When I met with him during the week he was frantic because it was due the next day. Procrastination is seen with our youngest youth to adults. For some of us, college is our next step in our journey. College will prepare us, but we’re already prepared when we begin. For those entering the real world directly with a job will have a background of planning, challenging oneself, and facing the fact that sometimes things don’t always go as planned.