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Undefeated Since 2007

There are three main reasons GMC does not have a football team. First, there is a lack of encouragement; furthermore, GMC does not own a field, ultimately, and most importantly, remains the cost.

There exists a lack of support from the students. Even If there existed a minimal amount of interest in starting a team, everyone that was interested might not make the roster. Also, some people would be to busy to make it to practice, placing the team at a disadvantage.

Another extremely vital factor would be a home field. GMC has had a trailer park for the majority of its career, and the school put all money raised toward a building. GMC’s priorities were on other more significant plans then constructing a field.

So what if we had enough participants and a field? There would still be the money factor. It could cost over $1,000 for a single student to properly play. And the upkeep that the grounds would need year-round would be astronomical for a small school like GMC.