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A Letter to The Student Body: 2019

As this years publication winds down to a close, I have taken it upon me to say some words.

To the underclassmen: I have one more year left here at GMC. I will be a senior. It baffles me how fast these past three years went. Your years are going to fly by; soon, you're going to graduate, and it'll feel like yesterday. I wish for you that you make these years the best you can and the best you want. Friends will be made (and sadly lost), memories will be created. You have the opportunity as well to expand your education levels, whether it be in the school, college, or even real life experiences. You will run into troubles. It may be accidental, it may be purposeful, or it may even be inevitable. But, you shall learn to grow from those. You are almost done with public school. Keep your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel. It's been almost 13 years in the making (12 if you did not attend kindergarten). You are turning into a fantastic person in your own way. You're almost there. I believe in you.

To the graduates: Whether you go to college or not, you will strive. Keep your head held high, your face shining bright, and your faith never failing. Your future is bright, even if you don't see it. The world is going to throw obstacles at you. Take your bat, swing as hard as you can, and knock that obstacle out of the park. You have done wonderful throughout your 13 years (12 if you did not attend kindergarten). Now is your chance to fully grasp your future and make it what you want it. Keep in touch with us at The Forge to tell us all about your successes! We would love to hear from you.

We hope everyone has a fantastic, memory-making summer. Stay safe and make good decisions.


Jayden Schading and everyone at The Forge news team.

*P.S.* Keep an eye out over the summer! We will be having some random summer publications.