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The Epic Highs and Lows of Senior Project

*Senior Project pictured in cover photo is metalworking by Elijah Burke

Every student at Greer Middle College Charter High School has two options their senior year: complete a senior project or complete a senior internship. Every year seniors complain about senior project, so...why do we have to do it? Ms. Earle, the senior project instructor, spoke with us about senior project, and here are her thoughts on the matter.

“I'd say it's important because it's the capstone project for our school. GMC is a Project Based Learning (PBL) school and senior project allows seniors the opportunity to show they've mastered the PBL model.”

By now, students should know that GMC is definitely a Project Based Learning school. I believe that PBL is the gateway to a successful career; it teaches us how to work in the real world instead of only taking tests and quizzes to test our knowledge. Senior Project is the ultimate product of what you’ve learned over the past four years. Not only do you demonstrate what you’ve learned, you can also learn more about a topic you love by working hands-on with it, or you can learn a completely new topic you might be interested in! The possibilities for Senior Project are endless. In fact, you’re encouraged to use your original ideas (within reason).

Now, why would someone not want to do Senior Project? Well, Senior Project demands organization by the student. Deadlines must be met on-time, work needs to be neat and orderly, and your plans need to be detailed and precise. Some students may be worried about the constant deadlines and stress involved in the process. The balance between senior project and other classes can also be intimidating, but most teachers are understanding and flexible to seniors’ busy schedules. Underclassmen always hear the horror stories from seniors about how they chose a project they couldn’t keep up with or they weren’t even interested in.

Senior Project is a huge part of your grade senior year, so it is easy to be intimidated or stressed out simply by thinking about it. Plus, if you are at a loss for ideas, you can always follow @gmc_seniorproject on Instagram for completed projects in the past. Thankfully, GMC teachers are here to help and guide you through your project and senior year, and as long as you work hard, you should come out of the senior project nightmare alive and hopefully with a decent grade. Despite the stress and deadlines, senior project can benefit a student's career moving forward and increase their learning experiences, which is why I believe it is a good idea for students to complete their senior year.