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The Gym

As many of you know, the gym is scheduled three months behind. When GMC first opened in the portables, 5-year zoning permits allowed the portables to stay. When the official GMC school building opened after renewing the 5-year permits twice, no one got the permanent zoning permit for it, which was needed to build the gym. It took three months to get the permanent zoning permit and a grading permit, which authorizes excavation and soil addition, for construction to begin.

Right now, the workers are digging about a foot down to start on the foundation, which should be finished at the end of this week. After that, large concrete slabs will be put down to serve as the foundation. This process will only take a week to do, and then the slabs need to dry and settle for another 5-7 days. Once they do, the workers will start installing the steel frame and roof, which will be done quickly. However, it will take longer for the masonry work, like the brick, to be completed because most of the building is to be brick. If everything goes according to plan with no setbacks the gym should be finished sometime in March.

In addition to building the gym, the workers have to put in trenching for the utilities. One of the things they have to do is tap the waterline, which is marked by blue lines. During this process, they will have to dig underneath the concrete path that is already in place. They are trying to avoid breaking the path, but if they hit rock underneath, then they will not have any other choice.

The dimensions of the building are bigger than the space they have. It is going to be 27,541 square feet, so dirt is being added to the hill behind the gym for larger ground area. This allows workers, services, and emergency vehicles to be able to get behind the building.

The gym will cost 4.5 million in all.