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Top 12 Breakfast Food Suggested by the Forge

Here are the top 12 breakfast foods suggested by the newspaper staff!

1. Strawberry Crepes

"They're refreshing." - Haydn Thomas

2. Doughnuts

"They taste good in the moment, but afterwards I kind of feel disgusting." - Aidan Burke

3. Breakfast Casserole

"You get a little bit of everything in one bite." - Jayden Scading

4. Cinnamon Rolls

"The drama kaflama of making them and then eating is nice." - Lily Smith

5. Waffles

"Because they taste good." - Morgan Kelly

6. Pancakes

"They are just that good." - Briana Hearn

7. Bacon

"It's the candy of meats, who doesn't want to eat candy for breakfast." - Mr. Lowman

8. Eggs

"They taste good in the morning." - Emma Childs

9. Oatmeal with fruit

"It is really easy to eat in the morning, and you can change it up everyday." - Kelsey Craig

10. Chocolate Chip Muffins

"They are magically delicious." - Brianna Martin

11. French Toast

"It's sugary and really good." - Gracie Wilkerson

12. Omelet

"Sometimes you just need an omelet." - Riley Grubbs