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New Faculty Members!

This year, GMC gained 7 new faculty members! So, to start off this year, I would like to introduce you to our newest members of GMC.

Ms. Jordahn Shiley

Before coming to GMC, Ms. Shiley lived in Pensacola, Florida, and worked at Fiore, a floral shop. The shop designed wedding venues and wedding floral arrangements. When she moved to Greenville, Ms. Shiley worked as a substitute for Greenville County Schools and ended up being a long-term sub for biology at Woodmont High School. She interviewed here at GMC in April, and got the call back being offered the job. "I immediately accepted it and accepted the head volleyball coach position," she stated. She has enjoyed working at GMC thus far, saying the students, student athletes, and faculty have been extremely helpful. Ms. Shiley is most excited to teach anatomy and physiology as well as coach the Lady Blazer Volleyball team. This is her fourth year teaching, she has two pets (Murphy, a female dog, and Elliott, a male kitty), and she enjoys hiking, cooking, traveling, and exercising. "Please come out to support the volleyball team at games!" she says. Welcome to GMC, Ms. Shiley!

Mrs. Cherie Furr

Mrs. Furr is originally from North Carolina. She gained her undergraduate degree from East Carolina University and recieved her masters degree in Administration from Gardner Webb University. She worked at Cambridge High School in Georgia as an AP Human Geography teacher and before that, she worked as a Geography, Freshman Success, and Teacher Cadet teacher at Greenville Tech Charter High School before coming to GMC. She came to GMC because she loves charter schools and that "they are the best!!!" She says everyone has been so helpful, the staff has been fantastic to work with, and the students are "the most polite children [she] has ever met." Mrs. Furr is excited to teach and become more involved with everyone at GMC, students and faculty alike. She has been teaching for 22 years. Mrs. Furr and her husband, Jeremy, have been married the same amount of years as she's been teaching: 22 years! They have three children named Tyler (he is 19 and goes to Clemson University), Caitlyn (she is 17 and attends Greenville Tech Charter High School), and Caroline (she is 13 and is at Langston Charter). You can usually find Mrs. Furr either running around with her children, reading, or on a long walk. We are excited to have you here, Mrs. Furr!

Mrs. Jessica McCraw

Riverside High School served as Mrs. McCraw's home school before GMC. She taught a special education and educational support model class there for 16 years. She became interested in GMC when one of her daughters became interested in the school. So far, Mrs. McCraw has had a lovely time in the GMC atmosphere, especially with the fact that everyone has been so welcoming. She is excited to "learn all the interesting things that a Charter School has to offer students." This is her first year in administration. Her and her husband have been married for 16 years and have two beautiful daughters: Laine (14) and Lela (10). Mrs. McCraw and her family love to spend their free time on the water. "We all wakeboard, slalom ski, surf, and even do a little tubing." She says she is very excited to be here with us at GMC, especially since she has the "opportunity to work alongside the best of the best!" We are glad to have you here, Mrs. McCraw!

Mr. Brendon LaPoe

Before GMC, Mr. LaPoe worked at Carolina High School as a social studies teacher and a teacher sponsor. He taught almost every social studies subject in the school as well as a Pathways to AP Success and Credit Recovery, and sponsored two clubs: the Gay/Straight Alliance Club and the Tabletop Gaming Club. He came to GMC because of how each "stakeholder," meaning parents, students, and faculty, work towards the same educational goal. When they all work together towards the same goal, they "can achieve powerful things in my experience," Mr. LaPoe says. So far, he has vastly enjoyed working here. He loves the maturity of the students and how dedicated they are to doing the right thing. He is very excited to spend time and learn about everyone. Mr. LaPoe has been teaching for about 7 years, 8 years in January. He is married to the wonderful Mrs. Tiffany LaPoe, an English teacher at Berea High School. They have two little boys together: Tyrion is 6 and Lincoln is 4. In his free time, you can find Mr. LaPoe reading (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and/or Historical Fiction), playing video games, watching anime, cooking, or baking. Mr. LaPoe appreciates how everyone here is not stuck in the past as they venture towards their future. Lastly, to the student body, Mr. LaPoe would like to say "I look forward to getting to know every single student, helping you reach your educational goals in any way I can be of service, and I hope that the students know how blessed they are to have such an amazing faculty." To the faculty, Mr. LaPoe says "The faculty at this school are each individually amazing people, and they have created a building that is truly special in what is being achieved day in and day out." Mr. LaPoe, welcome to the GMC family!

Mr. Alex Brilliandt

Unlike all the other teachers, Mr. Brilliandt was once a teacher here. With a growing family and other job opportunities, however, Mr. Brilliandt left for a little while. He was offered to try online school, as well as have an opportunity to grow his fundraising and video work. He accepted a job as Grace Church's Video Director where he worked for the past 4 years. "I learned a lot about myself as a team leader and creative manager." During this time, teaching online school didn't go as planned for him. He didn't give up teaching though. During his work with Grace Church, Mr. Brilliandt had the opportunity to teach some classes, and "it had [him] constantly reflecting if [he] needed to return to teaching as a career." He came back to GMC because he missed it; "it" being teaching and GMC itself. He considers himself "fortunate and blessed" for being able to return to an atmosphere he is comfortable in and enjoys being in. Mr. Briliandt has had previous bad transitions into new jobs, but the transition back to GMC has been one of the better transitions he's been through. He feels "pretty good about [his] decision to return" and he's excited to put his "learning hat on again." One thing he makes prominent is that he learns everyday from his students. He believes that there is always something to learn, no matter what it is or where it's from. Mr. Brilliandt has been teaching for roughly 6 years officially. Him and his wife, Chels, have three little daughters: Piper, Quinny, and Hazel. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies and television shows, doing trend research, and he is a ticker junkie. When asking if there was anything he wanted to add, Mr. Brilliandt said that "there may be things I wish to subtract." He wants everyone to know that he is happy to be back at GMC with "the great minds and hearts to be." Welcome home again, Mr. Brilliandt!

Señora Brittany Carmona

Señora Carmona is also from Western North Carolina. She worked on the coast for 7 years, so coming to the Greenville area made her excited since she is back near the mountains. She came to GMC because she "felt a connection to the vision of the school and was excited to be apart of it." She has enjoyed her time here because of the dedication of the students and staff. "It is truly a unique culture." Señora Carmona has an 8 month old little boy named David. He is her "bilingual personal assistant." She is thrilled to be here and is excited to see what this school year has to offer! Señora Carmona, we welcome you with open arms!

Not included is Mr. David Gantt, who is our new IT guy. We hope you enjoy GMC as well!

From myself, Jayden Schading, I hope you all enjoy GMC! We are very blessed to have you all. As a senior, I will most likely not have the opportunity to get to know each one of you. There are students at this school that will have the opportunity to connect with you personally, and those students will be very grateful for those connections. You will make a difference in this school, whether it be in a classroom full of people or a single body. We welcome you all to GMC. Welcome home.