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Cafe Food - Where Are the Healthy Options?

There are many different things you can buy in the GMC Cafe lunch line: chips, candy, soda, almost anything you crave in the middle of the day. However, healthy food options are harder to get your hands on when you don’t feel like filling up with sugar and sodium. Not to bore you, but eating healthy is extremely important to daytime activities, like school. Recent studies show Americans eat way more fats, added sugars, and sodium than they need. For us students, the place we probably get a lot of that is in the Cafe.

There are some better options in the Cafe, such as the Nutrigrain bars, water, apple juice, green tea, and orange cups. The Baked Lays are also a better option than most of the other chips. These foods still have a lot of sugar in them, though, and too much sugar can ultimately lead to you feeling tired after the initial sugar rush.

Some people think there should be more healthier food options in the Cafe. Sophomore Kassidy Eubanks says, "We need a salad or something. I feel so disgusting eating unhealthy junk day but I don't have anything good to bring to school." In my opinion, nutrition bars with less sugar, cheese sticks, and fruit-infused water should be implemented into the Cafe’s food options. They don’t have many calories, have less sugar and sodium, and still fills you up so you aren’t hungry anymore. They are also relatively cheap, so they won't cost the school much more.

Because of the good flavor, a lot of people think we should keep the junk food. It also sells better and has a farther away expiration date. GMC doesn’t get all of the profit, either, so getting more food would be a bit more expensive for the school and for parents. Sophomore Class President Kierstyn Winecoff states, "I like the options and don't want to get rid of anything, but healthier options would be cool."

Those are just my suggestions. Personally, I believe the well-being of students should be the most important factor when deciding what to sell in the school Cafe. Remember to eat healthy for better energy, better diet patterns, and better performance in school and other activities.