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Top Ten Glass Bottle Drinks

These are our top ten favorite.

1. Sprite

"I like sprite because if you are supposed to get water you can get sprite and no one will know." Emma Woody.

2. Cheerwine

"Cheerwine should CLEARLY be at #1," said Mr. Lowman. "It's got everything: cherry, extra carbonation... more cherry. What else could a person want? Plus, it was born right down the road from us in Salisbury, N.C.. Drink local, y'all!"

3. Dr. Pepper

"I like Dr. pepper because its flavor is unique, and there are a lot of flavors of it like vanilla and cherry." Lauren Wilson.

4. Frostie Blue Cream Soda

"Frostie Blue Cream Soda is delicious! It tastes like a melted orange creamsicle Popsicle, and it's not too sweet." Brianna Martin.

5. IBC Root Beer

"IBC Root Beer is good because it's sweet and it tastes better because it's in a glass bottle." Blake Nelson.

6. Pepsi

"To me, Pepsi is the best. Its's sweet but not too sweet and extra bubbly." Jack Poole.

7. Diet Coke

"I like diet coke because it's not as sweet as regular coke but still has the coke essence. I really like the carbonation and flavor of diet coke. It tastes good with any meal and it never never gets old to just take a nice swig of diet coke after a hard day." Maddi Blanton

8. Fanta

"Fanta tastes better when drinking it out of a glass bottle. It also looks pretty." Courtney Taylor.

9. Mountain Dew

"Mountain dew has a different flavor then most soft drinks like coke, Dr. pepper, or coke. Mountain dew is one of the sweeter soft drinks in my opinion and has a great flavor." Emma Childs

10. Inca Kola

"One of the best South American soft drink," said Haydn Thomas. "Native to South America, it's one of the best sodas created. And can be found locally at the (Golden Llama).