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Lego Star Wars - The Complete Saga: Game Review

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, released on November 6th, 2007, is an absolute masterpiece that was able to emulate George Lucas world into a stunning Lego game play. This review is based on the Wii console's version of the game and I will be reviewing this piece of work on controls, graphics, story line, each form of game play on different levels, bonuses, and overall enjoyment.


This game is played on the Nintendo Wii with a limit of two players however you are perfectly able to play solo. You are required to have the classic Wii remote with a nun chuck with, of course, the safety strap. On the Wii remote you use the A button on the front to jump and B on the back to attack or use a characters given ability. You will also see the 1 and 2 buttons used to switch between characters and the plus button to open up the pause menu. On the nun chuck you have the control stick to move freely, the Z button to use a special ability, and the C button to transfer between characters. The controls overall are pretty simple and easy to learn and menuvor as the game goes on however there can be some complications on using both A and B controls at the same time to jump and attack which does bring my rating of controls down.

Overall scoring: 8/10


The graphics of this game is truly a piece of it’s time, 2007, 12 years ago. During regular game play with just Lego characters the graphics aren’t too atrocious, in fact in the early levels the graphics look pretty stunning and in the end as well, but those middle levels were left to fend for themselves and they did not do well. Those levels left in the middle are not in fill ins or a fluff level however at times the first and last levels do carry more weight story and game play wise than those in the middle resulting in less quality put into them. Let me say these graphics are, for lack of better words, crunchy. Perhaps the worst graphics of all are found in the game are the levels requiring races in ships such as pod racers, TIE fighters, the Millennium Falcon, and others. Since these races go by so fast the graphics as you fly by do not match the standard of the other levels at all. Even though these graphics have their downfalls, it must once again be remembered that for a product of 2007 the graphic game was different than it is now and in that regard it did well.

Overall: 6/10

Story line:

In the game each level has an episode giving context to what the game play is to achieve and to keep up the Star Wars story we know and love. These episodes have no dialogue but use the Lego characters and sound effects to bring key scenes to life. As someone who has watched all the movies these scenes are familiar and ring a bell which makes it fun to play the game knowing you are immersed in that scene, however, even without watching the movies these episodes bring the point across and can carry their weight on their own. Because of the episodes and story lines ability to carry on by itself without requiring previous knowledge it receives a high rating

Overall: 10/10

Forms of Game play:

There are regular levels, vehicle levels, and boss levels within the game play. The regular levels and boss levels use weapons such as blasters, light sabers, grappling hook, bow casters, and cloning and using the jumping and force skills. These weapon and skill controls are easy to learn and are used regularly throughout so the player slowly memorizes what to do with each. It’s easy enough for a child 10 and over to learn and challenging enough for a player of any age to enjoy the games dynamics. The other form of game play are the vehicle levels and like these level’s graphics, the game play is equally terrible. These levels are infamous to be the most difficult thing in the game especially the pod racing level early on in the game and the first vehicle level in the game. The controls are incredibly sensitive and beating the pre-programmed sebulba, racer to beat, while avoiding sand holes and shooters taking away health all while trying to keep your pod racers on the track is no easy feat but the utter joy and relief felt after beating the level is hard to beat.

Overall: 8/10


Within this game there is a bonus of Lego Indiana Jones. There are six levels follow a small Indian Jones based plot. The fact that this game has both the original and prequel movies based on levels but also a hidden Indiana Jones game paying homage to actor Harrison Ford's work, as an actor of both Han Solo and Indiana Jones. These hidden levels are a fun surprise that was unexpected but gratefully appreciated.

Overall: 10/10

Overall Enjoyment:

Growing up as a big fan of Star Wars these games have been heavily enjoyable and nostalgic. With all of the playable characters, even background characters your able to play your favorite and feel more immersed in the story. As a sibling as well the multiplayer mode is also a fun way to bond together. The fact that this game was created in 2007 and is still playable enjoyed today shows the game creators did something right and provided the enjoyment they strived to create.

Overall: 10/10

Average Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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