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Traffic of GMC

GMC has some amazing amenities that are far superior to other schools but our morning traffic is not one of them. In the morning, I plan to arrive at the school gate 10 minutes before actually getting into the building. I understand all students needing to plan a little extra time in the morning in case of emergencies in traffic but there is a common problem every morning that could have a very easy solution.

We have three categories of drivers on the side entrance in the morning: (1) Drivers turning left into the gate (2) Drivers turning right into the gate (3) Drivers turning out of the gate. Drivers turning left have the right of way because they do not have to turn across a lane to go through the gate. Because there is a continuous line of traffic, drivers turning into the gate from the right loose patience and turn dangerously. Hopefully drivers making such unsafe turns across traffic will not become an entirely separate issue. Drivers turning from the left do not let anyone in or out causing the right-turn drivers to turn as soon as possible. By this action, the parents/drop off line drivers never get to exit. If this goes on for too long, the line gets backed up to the point that no new cars can go into the gate. In personal experience, I have tried to let out at least two parents every morning yet received angry motions and honks from drivers behind me. This is why I do not think simply speaking to students about what to do to decrease traffic in the morning would fix the problem. It would be a simple waste of student and teacher time because ninety nine percent of students would not change their routine of thinking they are the most important person in the morning and not being courteous to other drivers. This time wasting problem could be fixed by a a traffic director. If the school were to invest in a director, the time of the parents and students could be spent wiser and safer in the mornings.