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Top 5 Places in GMC

GMC is a fairly small campus, but our hearts are large. Here at GMC, we strive for quality, not quantity. That being said, here are some of our favorite places in GMC.

5. The Patio

What better place to eat lunch during 40 degree temperatures and up? The patio is great for eating lunch in nice weather and studying...but only during lunch hours, of course! The not-so-distant sounds of the construction of our gym provide great background noise while you smother your chicken sandwich in Zax sauce.

4. The Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is one of our favorite places to study in the school. It is often a quiet place to study or get work done during school. You can also find unfortunate students who have 2 open periods in the middle of the day playing on the many laptops open for your use in the Learning Commons!

3. The GMC Bathrooms

With four of these bathrooms being open to the student body, these are great places to NOT hang out and talk during school hours!

2. The Hill behind the School

So many footballs, soccer balls, frisbees, and kickballs have been lost to the wild grass growing on the side of the hill. R.I.P. to these sports utensils; gone, but not forgotten.

1. The Doors Leading to the Gym Construction

The vibrant yellow caution tape adds a touch of color to the routine navy blue and white theme of the school building. Plus, the red clay is really on-brand for South Carolina. Oh, and we can’t wait for the gym to be here!