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Can Your Zodiac Sign Accurately Predict Your Future?

Astrology, the study of how stars and planets can predict and determine human characteristics, moods, and events. Astrology is said to be a pseudoscience, which means “not genuine” science. Although pseudoscience is based on speculation and coincidences, it is based on some fact. Fact mixed with coincidence is the base of pseudoscience. The main focus of astrology is the placement of the stars and planets and how they correlate to a human's core of emotions and actions and their potential on earth.

My personal opinion, as Lily Smith, is that astrology is real and that even as a pseudoscience it is a reliable source to predict future human actions and the core of who a human can be. The most popular focus on astrology is one's sun sign. Basic horoscopes use sun signs and when asked your astrological sign that's what you would respond with. These signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. There a basic layout to how each sign can be but each person does not need to meet those criteria however your birth in the time period and alignment with the planets definitely affects how you are and how you act with the planet’s rotation. Even the moon is able to affect your attitude, animals, and nature as a cause of hyperactivity. Astrology is also connected to things such as gemstones and crystals since stones are connected to certain signs and how can enhance the person with sign’s spirit. No matter if you believe in astrology or not so many people rely on star signs to better themselves as a person, provide a sense of security and comfort, and form a basis or part of different religions and beliefs and as long as someone believes in it it’s real for them, but there's also no way human life can not be affected by the planets and stars in anyway.

My personal opinion, as Riley Grubbs, is that astrology is not accurate. There is no way the placement of Mars can affect how I feel and act all the way here on Earth. There are many different stereotypes that stem from zodiac signs. Most of them have to do with personality and how you react to life situations. The stereotype around aquarius, is that they are stoic, lone wolves. It just is not possible that every person born between January 20th and February 18 would have the same personality. There’s a stereotype around capricorns that they are cold, aggressive, and are greedy. Now, I know that there are probably some capricorns like that, and there are, so we all probably have people like that with all different kinds of signs. The thing about personalities is that it all depends on how you are raised. This is a messed up case of “nature” vs. nurture. The stars and planets are apart of our “nature” as they “determine” how we end up being. All humans are brought up different personalities. They depend on us not our star sign.

Astrology and star signs, although a pseudoscience, can help people find a sense of inner peace, relief, and something to believe in. They can help people find out who they are through a deeper study of self but most importantly they can help people find their place in this big, open, vast void we call home and that’s something we all want to achieve.