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Fall Finery Fine Points

Fall is finally falling in, and a big part of everyone's autumnal autonomy is covering their bodies and arms with not just shirts, but over wear, too. But what do you value in your cuddly coverings? Do you need a hood? Several pockets? Half of a pocket? Just a hood, sleeves and no torso? Be your tastes as they may, the three main archetypes of outer wear since time immemorial are sweaters, sweatshirts, and hoodies. While I certainly have my preferences, all outer wear has its merits.

Firstly, sweaters. A sweater is simple, woven, and fuzzy. A staple of heat retention since sheep were first sheared. My favorite part of sweaters is that they are commonly made by hand, and nothing warms the body and heart like a homemade gift. Of course, the actual physical warmness of the sweater has nothing to do with the heart put into its making, but the sweater is warm nonetheless.

Secondly, sweatshirts. A sweatshirt is like a sweater, but NOT fluffy or woven. Fear not, however! The lack of fluff and weave does not equate to lack of comfort. A sweatshirt is a jump from the homeliness of a sweater, much more industrial in its construction and presentation. Yet, a simple comfort is still a comfort. Also, some find sweaters irritating to their skin, making a sweatshirt the next best alternative. Personally, sweatshirts are my favorite.

Finally, the hoodie. Upon first glance, the hoodie is merely a sweatshirt with a special name. How self-important. I would hope this first judgement isn't your last, as the hoodie, in fact, has a hood! Never would've guessed, huh? But, may the wonders never cease, the front of a hoodie boasts a large open-ended pocket as well! What ever could be the downside? A perceived downside to hoodies by some is that the hood is just too much fabric to have dangling about the neck. Others still purport that the soft material that is typical of a hoodie is too stretchy to hold any items of significant mass within the pocket.

Now, surely slight differences in name and cut can't rule out any type of clothing for a person, yes? WRONG. If you have many items to hold and a head that needs covering, then a hoodie is all but necessary. If one itches easily, they wouldn't be caught dead in a sweater. When a choice is presented, my go to reaction is to never actually make said choice. Hence, my infatuation with the sweatshirt. Casual, but not overly mellow. A hoodie with no bulk, a sweater with no itch and stray fibers. Trim, warm enough to suit me, and easy to pull right on. Marvelous.

None of this is to discredit enthusiasts of the other garb, but I can not be swayed from the idea that sweatshirts have the highest net worth.