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Kelsey Craig and the Golf Club

The mysterious lady blazers golf team, nothing but an enigma to the average GMC student. Our own editor-in-chief, Kelsey Craig, is on the golf team. You've probably seen her senior banner in the stairway. She is one of the members of the golf team that holds responsibility over the team. There is no clear captain, this became apparent as I talked with Kelsey. The girls share the responsibility of taking care of the team. Kelsey Craig has been playing golf for 4 years now, and she started playing seriously when she came to GMC. Although she only started playing seriously when she got to GMC, she would play golf with her father and grandfather. She had a small set of clubs to start out with from her local driving range. The clubs had postage stamps from Ohio on them, so if they got lost, they could get mailed back to whoever owned them. Kelsey shared that her favorite thing about playing golf is when you hit the ball with a wood and it makes an "adorable noise." A tink sound. The most difficult part of golf for Kelsey is getting herself to practice to get better. That is usually true to most people. Playing golf with a team for Kelsey is fun and a good experience. Playing with a team is good because you will always have people behind you to support you. Kelsey said, when asked what it is like playing golf for a team, "You always want to try to improve your own score, not just to better you, but to better your team." When playing a solo sport as a team, you improve for the good of the team as well as yourself.

The golf team practices 3 times a week, and they usually have 2 matches a week. Some of the courses they play at the Greer Country Club, Cherokee Valley, Links of Tryon, The Preserve, and Southern Oaks. As of right now, the girl's golf team are undefeated and last year they made it to the State Tournament for the second time in school history. The first time the ladys golf team of GMC went to the state tournament was the year before. Kelsey had ...fond memories of her state tournaments. She said, "It was crazy both times. The first year it rained so hard you couldnt see your ball in the air and the next year it was so cold when my shoe got wet I had to get ice off of it later". The girls golf team works hard, and they deserve more credit! I hope those lady blazers will continue to work hard and make us proud!