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We Have a New Lunch Lady!

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed Mrs. Mary, the person who worked at the cash register for the past few years, no longer works here. Now there is a new employee who gives you chips and Gatorade. Who is this new person, and what does she do?

Alisha Parker, a GMC parent, was hired as the new lunch lead this past June. Since being here, she’s experimented with the lunchroom table setup and has put a new way of retrieving your side items into effect. She got rid of the tickets in order to make the lunch lines move faster. Alisha also started using the iPad to log all that students order in the day instead of using the broken and outdated cash register.

Other than giving you your Dr. Pepper, Alisha also directs the volunteers on what to do during lunch. She restocks the snack bins and coolers and counts all of the money after lunch.

Alisha says, "I love the job. It allows me to be with my family in the mornings, evenings, weekends, most school breaks that line up with my other two daughters' calendars, and summer. My family is extremely important to me. The job itself has been fun. I have gotten to meet other GMC parents. I've started learning the students' names and what items students buy regularly. I've enjoyed talking with a few of the teachers, administrators, and staff I see who visit the cafe."

Don’t worry, we’ll still see Mrs. Mary at times. She has volunteered to substitute for Alisha if needed. Currently (week of September 23-27), she is in Washington, DC, so substitutes are filling in for her, but she is usually there and doesn't mind a quick hello.