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When Should you Decorate for Halloween

Halloween is arguably the best holiday and the highlight of October, but when is it OK to start decorating?

In my opinion as Lily Smith, the spirit of Halloween is something everyone can feel and that fun spooky aura is something anyone can take on at any time of the year. Why not decorate for Halloween and leave the decorations up for the entire year? You can make any holiday or major event a Halloween extravaganza as well!

The general span of Halloween would be mid-September to mid-November, but possibly into December. You can add a Halloween twist to thanksgiving by remembering the struggles of Native Americans as the white English men invade their homes they’ve had settled for years! Now that’s scary!! If you continue to watch the Nightmare before Christmas, a good segway/combination movie for the holiday season, you can have a spooky Christmas. Another good segway movie would be Krampus, a good spooky Christmas movie to carry that core Halloween vibe.

Now that the general Halloween timeline is complete, it's time to take your decorations down right? Wrong! Keep those babies up all year so when Halloween starts again next September, you’ll be prepared for the best spooky time again!

Zoe Spearman agrees with this opinion stating “Halloween should be all the time, no day is too early for spooky season”. So on that note go ahead and start decorating for Halloween and have fun on the best holiday out there!