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On September 25, 2019, SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) used GMC’s property to conduct their annual SWAT training. I spoke with Lieutenant Steve Rhea, who is in charge of the SWAT team, about what they do during their SWAT training.

Every year, a basic SWAT class is held for every certified police officer in the nation. This training involves physical fitness, weapons handling and proficiency, room clearing, vehicle takedowns, hostage rescues, search warrant execution, and running K9 tracks.

When asked why he chose to use our campus for their training, Lieutenant Rhea said this: “I looked at using your campus because it was near woods and we needed to [complete] a scenario that had a K9 track that led into a structure...Plus it is a way for the SWAT team to see inside of your school in case we ever had to respond to a real world event.” Mr. Crawford has also mentioned that this will be a good advantage if an unexpected situation were to happen in the school.

Overall, the training done at GMC on the 25th was a basic training session and refresher for law enforcement officers across the nation with a slight benefit for our school.