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Cats Vs. Dogs

"Which do you like better cats or dogs" is an ages old debate argued by many already and many more to come. Since this is my opinions article I'm going to give you my opinion- cats are way WAY better! Now, this doesn't mean that I don't like dogs. If I come to your house and a wagging-tail dog meets me at the door I will pet and love that dog for the rest of the night. However, if a cat and dog meet me at the door I will push that dog away and scratch the cats cheek because he deserves it for being a cat! Petting the two animals side by side brings me to my next arguement- when I pet them, one hand vibrates with purr-power while the other gets covered in sticky, slimy, wet slobber. "Well my dog doesn't slobber that much" Yeah, I get that but my cat doesn't slobber at all:)

Cats are great because they don't take up much space and are also easier to take care of then a dog. I love my cat Dorito as much as I'm sure some dog owners love their pets but I don't have to wake up every morning and open the cold door at 5am so he can use the bathroom. If its still too cold outside that afternoon- me and Dorito get under a blanket and watch a movie. If he was a dog, I would have to grab a leash and head right back out into the cold. Not only do cats not need to go outside as often but they stay cleaner longer and are easier to clean when the time comes. Dogs run through mud and roll in the dirt. If you want your dog pageant-show clean you would need to clean them every other week just to fight them into being clean and beautiful. Cats can go months without being cleaned and can even go without it then. They clean themselves constantly! My cat gets a bath about every two months and is, luckily, completely fine with the water. He doesn't fight or scratch at all and just sits and enjoys the bath.

Finally, cats are far superior to dogs because they are so independent. Cats do not rely on humans for all of their happiness. Most cats can go a few days without any human interaction. Pretend you are going on a weekend vacation. For the cat, you just set out some extra food, throw some toys on the floor and, if you're me, hide some treats around for the cat to find while you are gone. A dog? You have to find someone to check on it, try to keep the dog on a schedule, walk him, let him out, put him back in, hide away anything you are worried he can break. There is so much work with dogs! So yes, you're dog is adorable- but he is nothing compared to a cat.