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Quarry Highlights

On October 5, the GMC cross country team ran at the Handson’s Agregates rock quarry in Sandy Flat. The team was competing against Hampton Park, Upstate Hurricanes, Legion Collegiate Academy, and Greenville Tech. Charter in five races.

Daddy Mac, GMC faculty, says, “It is a must run course”.

Our runners won the varsity boys, varsity girls, junior varsity boys, and junior varsity girls.

For the boys varsity race, Adam Trusty (10) came in first place with Jake Dentler (9) coming in second. Hattie Jennings (9) was first and Leah Trusty (12) was second in the girls varsity race. In the boys junior varsity race Gabe Nichol (10) came in second place. Nora Finnegan (11) came in first place and Sydney Dentler (11) was second in the girls junior varsity race. Johnathan Keller, the coach for Greenville Tech. Charter, won the open race.

Nora says “it was a really interesting place to run. I have never run a course before. It was really pretty”.

During this race Samuel Oehrig (10), Jacob Spangler (9), Jack Fraiser (9), Jorge Diego (9) and Preston Hill (11) reached new personal records. Congratulations Blazers!

Keep up the amazing work at Disney! The team will be leaving for Disney this Thursday at 5 in the morning, and will be getting back late Sunday afternoon.