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Percy Jackson: Book or Movie?

An argument will always break out when a movie based off of a book comes out. Is the movie better, or the book? I believe that the book will always top the movie. For example, I think that The Lightning Thief book is better than the movie because the movie adds details that are not present in the book.

For those who are not familiar with the Percy Jackson book; here are some details. Percy is a demigod, half human and half god, and he goes on a quest to find the master bolt, a weapon, that was stolen from Zues, king of the gods. He is accompanied by Annabeth and Grover to the Underworld to retrieve the weapon that Hades supposedly stole. After finding the weapon the three travel to the Empire State building, where Olympus resides, to return the weapon. After successfully returning the master bolt, Percy is betrayed by one of his friends.

The book starts off with 12-year-old Percy on a field trip with his school. While at the museum Percy's teacher turns into a monster and he kills her with a sword. After arriving at Camp Half Blood, a safe place for demigods, Percy meets Annabeth while he is recovering in the infirmary. He is also issued a quest by the Oracle, a mummified female that speaks prophecies. Before leaving for the quest, Percy finds out that the entrance to the Underworld is in Los Angeles.

The movie includes these details, but incorporates them in a different way.

At the start of the movie Percy is 16 and is sitting underwater in a pool. Once he arrives at Camp Half Blood he meets Annabeth when he is being a given a tour. He is told by Hades, the god of death, to sneak out of the camp and find the master bolt. Percy is given a magical map that reveals the location of the Underworld after they find pearls which will transport them out of the Underworld.

All in all the movie is pretty good, but it does not compare to the book.

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