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Make Sure to Stop by the Worm Factory!

Do you remember the “Save the Worms” posters in the cafe and the hallways? The message was unlike any other spread throughout the school. Why do these worms need to be saved? How can I save them? I wondered for a long time about how I could help them. My friends and I searched high and low for the elusive worm factory. We scoured the school to find those worms. I was worried about them; I needed to save them! I finally decided to go to Mr. McCaskill’s room and find out about them once and for all.

With Mr. McCaskill’s help I was able to see the worms that needed my help. The worm factory was not what I expected. It was not a factory that mass produced worms, and then deposited them straight into the dirt. It was a big box full of dirt and food scraps. To find the worms, a small rake was needed to uncover them. At first, the worms were dormant, and then they awoke. They squirmed around, trying to get back into the dirt from which they came from.

The worms were fascinating, and very cute, but why? Why does GMC have worms, and why do we need to save them. I believe that it is very clear that worms are not endangered, so we do not have to save them in that way. So what does that mean; in what way do we need to save those worms? Perhaps it is a way to get kids to “save” food and compost it. The compost can be given to the worms for food. The worms get the food, and in turn produce nutrient rich soil that we can use for the garden. So it is a more conservation-centered “save” rather than a survival “save.”

So how can we “save” the worms? Well, we can help these worms by composting the food that would otherwise go to waste. Some examples of this food are: pizza crusts, banana peels, orange peels, and other leftover foods. There are white bins next to the trash cans on the patio where you can put your compostable foods. These worms can help GMC get more nutritious soil for our garden. We could grow vegetables and have a pretty garden to showcase. This could make our school better and more attractive.

In conclusion, the GMC worms are good, and they can help us in the future. Not only can they help us, but we can help them. Be sure to compost all of your leftover food to provide food for those worms. Maybe one day, we can have a beautiful garden, all nourished by an efficient, pristine worm factory.