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How to Carve the Perfect Jack o' Lantern

It's Halloween, and you know what that means! Trick-or-treating, dressing up in costumes, and enjoying decorations. Part of the Halloween experience is definitely all of the decorations. One of the most famous Halloween decoration is...Jack o' Lanterns! Carving faces and other images into pumpkins has been a tradition for families around Halloween-time for decades. Jack o' Lanterns are one of the staples of Halloween. So now, in case you were wondering, I will show you how to carve the perfect pumpkin.

Step 1: Choose your subject.

The first step is the most important. If your subject is not thrilled, then your end result will be lackluster. I recommend a pumpkin that is round, but sturdy. Not too round, not too wide. It should also be a nice orange. A bright, almost fluorescent orange will work perfectly. For example, here is the subject I chose for this process.

Step 2: Give your pumpkin a preliminary face.

This step is crucial to your Jack o' Lantern. Giving your pumpkin a small face will help him gain awareness of himself and his world. This will also give you a chance to get to know your pumpkin before you choose a final face for him. You have to make sure you give him a face that matches his personality.

Step 3: Keep your subject warm and well-fed while you get to know him.

Wrap your little guy up in a blanket to keep him cozy. You don't want to turn him into a cold-hearted pumpkin. Make sure to leave him with plenty of food too, candy preferably. This process will assure that he will be a jolly pumpkin to welcome any trick-or-treaters!

Step 4: Give him his final face.

After getting to know your pumpkin, give him his final face. Talk it through with him and make sure he also likes it, as he will live his whole life with this face. Make precise measurements when drawing the face. This must be perfect.

Step 5: Carve the bottom of your pumpkin.

This is only weird if you make it weird. Carve a hole into the bottom of your pumpkin. This will allow you access to the innards of your subject. He cannot have those in this line of duty.

Step 6: Scoop.

Scoop the guts out, leave none for him to hold onto.

Step 7: Ew.

Step 8: Carve your pumpkin's face out.

Make precise cuts as you go. This is the deciding moment. Will your pumpkin be the jock of the school, or will he be mocked for the rest of his life. This is where it all comes together. Cut along the lines you drew earlier and everything should be fine. You and the pumpkin have created a special bond that not even a bad cut could mess up at this point.

Step 9: Light a candle.

Light a candle and place him on top of it. Scooping him out of the bottom makes this step easier. Let the light fill him up and spill out. This is the final moment, you guys did it. Enjoy the time that you have basking in the light of your pumpkin friend.

I hope you and your pumpkin friend have a nice life together. You two have worked hard for this moment. Enjoy it, as he will not be here for long. Don't tell him that though, he doesn't know that yet. Have fun while you can, and don't forget to set him out for the trick-or-treaters to see too!