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2019 Agenda: November 6 - November 12

Agendas are a new thing to help keep up with due dates! Look here for upcoming due dates, events, etc. happening at the high school AND the college. Don’t forget to submit your due dates to us at!

High School Due Dates and Events:

English III Honors, Mr. Cook Poem Explacations due November 11 (A Day) and November 12 (B Day)

Government, Mr. LaPoe Congressional Committees Worksheet due November 7 (B Day)

Anatomy and Physiology, Ms. Shiley Test next week!!

Biology, Ms. Shiley Test next week!!

Senior Project Internship, Mrs. Bishop Journal 3 and signed October Calendar due November 8

College Application Day November 8 in the Learning Commons: this is a drop-in thing

College Due Dates:

Spanish Presentations November 12

American Government, Ms. Roughton Folders due November 10

Psychology, Mrs. King Test 3 November 14