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What's the Deal with Sweek?

Last week was spirit week, and it was filled with great activities and themes that the whole school could enjoy! Monday was ’Merica Monday, Tuesday was Holiday Day, Wednesday was Decade Duel, Thursday was Meme Day, and Friday was Blazer Pride Day! There were also many fun things that happened while at school during the week, such as: Kona Ice, a DJ, and daily class calls.

Kicking things off with ‘Merica Monday, many Blazers were decked out in red, white, and blue. I could feel the American spirit in the air, although the amount of Trump shirts shocked me. Holiday Day was very festive and fun! The majority of people dressed up in the Christmas spirit, but there were also people in the Thanksgiving and Halloween spirit. Wednesday was Decade Duel with each grade level having a different decade, such as the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or 90's. The neon colors, scrunchies, and windbreakers were very nice to see on an otherwise dull Wednesday. Meme Day was one of my favorite days! Many people dressed as their favorite vine references or puns. It was very entertaining seeing how creative people could be with their memes. Blazer Pride Day was fun, as everyone sported Blazer blue, or the Spirit Week shirt.

Spirit Week was not all about the themed days though. During lunch, on a couple of days, there was Kona Ice. Many students enjoyed some flavored ice while they listened to the DJ that we booked. There was a DJ. He played many wonderful remixes to everyone’s favorite classics such as Old Town Road and even Apple Bottom Jeans!

The best part of spirit week was definitely the class calls. On Monday, Mr. Dillard read the dress code in the most monotone voice possible while StuGo ran around frantically to collect the donations. The donations were the only way to get Mr. Dillard to get out of the loop of polos and mid-thigh khakis. On one day, Mrs. Gault did her best impressions for us, and performed a charming rendition of “The Night Before Christmas” as Mr. Dillard. That was definitely the best part of my Spirit Week!

In conclusion, Spirit Week was very fun and was super successful for us GMC Blazers! We ended up raising $53,516.16 in all! I cannot wait for Spirit Week next year, I don’t know how they could top this one!