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Actually, Homework IS Important

Homework is largely disliked among students everywhere. As some students and parents say, “Why go to school for eight hours just to come home and spend four more hours doing homework?”

Here’s why. In 2018, the average PSAT score in the sophomore class was 934. Could be better, could be worse, right? Wrong. In 2010, The average in the sophomore class was 1017. It’s a noticeable difference.

A study in 2017 shows about 50% of college students cheat on essays and other assignments, and those who cheat usually have lower than a 3.0 GPA. This is because cheating does not help students retain information that has been taught.

Teachers are employed to help us learn, not to make us miserable. They can get fired if their teaching is ineffective. College professors of half semester classes give many homework assignments because they don’t have much time to cover everything. Most teachers here assign homework to reinforce skills learned in class and ensure the material is understood before moving on.

Basically, without homework, teachers are unable to know if students are prepared for testing. Colleges do look at SAT scores for admission, so if students cheat on homework, rush through homework, or have no homework at all, teachers will have to spend more class time going through material and therefore reducing the amount of knowledge needed for testing.

Click here to view our source for the 2018 sophomores' average PSAT score.

Click here to view our source for the 2010 sophomores' average PSAT score.

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