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Anti-Monopoly Review

The board itself is set up exactly like regular Monopoly, except the “Jail” is replaced with “Court,” and all the housing areas you would normally buy in Monopoly are replaced with businesses which you will attempt to convict. Also, instead of a “banker,” the person who handles the money is known as the “budget director.” The goal of Anti-Monopoly is to gather as many indictments against corrupt businesses as possible. My friends and I attempted to play this game in class one day, but it is such a long game that we were unable to finish. However, we were able to get a good feeling of the game for the hour and a half period.

Lily Smith, Riley Grubbs, Emma Childs, Aidan Burke, and I played this game during class, where we all played the roles of case workers. Emma gave her overall review of the game: “...I thought the game Anti-Monopoly was boring. Pretty much all you did was either bought the square you landed [on] or didn’t. Occasionally you would get a mail card which would be interesting. Also the instructions were very long and hard to understand.” Riley had the role of budget director, but she eventually gave up and quit the game. She said she gave up because “it was stressful and there was no fun element. It was a funny game in theory, but it was very boring.” At this point, I took the role of budget director and continued to issue the money and indictments to my fellow case workers. We played with fairly loose rules, such as how we made deals with each other throughout the game. Aidan would offer to buy an indictment from some of the other players for a certain amount of money, and most of the time, we obliged. This continued until we ran out of time, which led Aidan to win, because he had the most indictments against businesses.

This game was an interesting form of satire for large corporations, and even though it was a little confusing at first, it was a fun way to release our aggression on some non-existent businesses. Lily stated that she liked it because “it was fun and challenging in a good way. It was hard to get at first, but when in the swing of it, it’s fun and smooth to go through!” Additionally, Aidan said his favorite part of the game was “the anti-corporation sentiment.”

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