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Veterans Day is a Federal Holiday... Right?

Veterans Day is a federal holiday, so why don't we have it off? And I don't just mean school, but many operations in the country.

For starters, I want to mention test days at school. Why do we get those off? People are just going into take a test and then leaving. Just because people are taking tests does not mean learning should stop. It's not a holiday. I believe students should still come in and learn, even if it is simple. When it comes to a federal holiday that is IMPORTANT... Why do we have to still come in and learn?

Veterans Day is not only a federal holiday, it's a day to recognize and celebrate our veterans. "That's what Memorial Day is for, Jay," someone might say, "and we have that day off." Yes, we do. Yes, it is about veterans as well. But to clarify, Memorial Day is about those who have died for our freedom. Veterans Day is about our still living veterans who don't always receive the proper recognition for what they have done for our country.

Now, I'm not bringing down Memorial Day at all. That is NOT the takeaway from this. "Memorial Day is integral in showing respect to those who have fallen," says Mr. Lowman. I believe Memorial Day should continue to be what it is now: a remembrance to those that have fought, that have fallen, that have given everything to their country because of the love they had for humanity.

Although Veterans Day changes each year, due to the fact it's glued to a specific date and not a specific day of the week, I believe we should have it off no matter. If we are allowed to have a Wednesday off due to TESTING, why can't we have a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday off to commemorate our veterans still with us. Where are our priorities?

I don't believe Veterans Day should be overlooked. Some people are alright with the fact operations still go during Veterans Day, which is perfectly understandable. "Personally, I don't mind that Veterans Day is not a day off. We recognize Memorial Day, which is for the fallen, and to me that is the most significant time to honor the military," says Mrs. Gault. Mrs. Gault once served in the Air Force.

All in all, my personal opinion is we should have the day off. Not for us, but for our living veterans. Make sure to thank a veteran for their service. They sacrificed so much for us, and we are extremely lucky to have them.