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When is it Appropriate to Christmas?

Many people decorate for Christmas and listen to Christmas music, but everyone does it at different times. Some families will wait after Thanksgiving to listen and decorate for Christmas while others start listening to music as Halloween ends.

Families should wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate and listen to Christmas music because Thanksgiving is just as important as Christmas. Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate all of your blessings and should not be overshadowed by Christmas.

I believe that it is acceptable to start decorating for Christmas and listening to Christmas music after December 1st. There are many people who decorate for Halloween and/or Thanksgiving so it does not make sense to play Christmas music when those holidays have not happened. The two days after Thanksgiving allow a family to put away the November decorations and start decorating for Christmas.

There are also people who listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Emma Childs says she starts listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving and others should too because “it gets you ready for Christmas.” If I start listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving I would be tired of those songs by the time Christmas rolls around.