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What's The Deal With The Student Body President?

Luke Hall: Student Body President. “Alright,” I hear you say, “Why do I care?” Firstly, you could ask more politely. Secondly, Luke Hall does plenty, thank you very much.

Sometimes the things a (student) government official does fly over the heads of us, the common folk. It is very important that the governed stay in touch with what the elected do. That is why I, a common folk, was thrilled to get the chance to talk to Luke Hall about all the things being Student Body President entails.

From the moment I opened Luke’s email response, I could tell he was passionate about our school and what he does for it. Reading into his words closer, it was confirmed without a shadow of a doubt. This is Luke’s fourth year in StuGo, and he says that through all that time he had the opportunity “to see what all goes into the position [student body president].” By the time his senior year came around, Luke was ready to run, and was confident he “had been developed into a responsible candidate.” As Student Body President, Luke is officially responsible for presiding over all student council meetings, opening and closing assemblies, and representing GMC’s student body at school functions. Official isn’t all, however, and Luke gets up to plenty more. He tells of his relationships with school administration, so as to advocate for the students as well as he possibly can. He also “intentionally attend[s]” local events where prominent community figures are present so that “GMC is perceived as superior in the eyes of the community... because we are.” Luke even petitions for the students at board meetings!

Of course, there’s one thing we all know StuGo well for, and that’s Spirit Week! Most could tell you how much StuGo goes in on Sweek, but what Luke told me was astonishing. “I spent at least fifteen hours a week or more outside of school working to make SWEEK the best yet… I probably only received ten hours of sleep for the entire week.” Needless to say, I was quite a bit worried when I heard that! Not to worry, Luke assured, “it truly is a labor of love and I would not trade these experiences for anything in the world! If you can find something that ignites your passion, fifteen hours a week is nothing!” Woah. I don’t mean to sound like a kiss-up, but what a guy.

While he himself admits it isn’t always easy, Luke recommends running for StuGo to absolutely anyone. “It is the best decision I made as a little freshman!” When I asked if Luke had anything else he’d like to say, he provided:

“My position aside, I am a Blazer above everything else. I am so full of pride for the school that I attend and feel so fortunate to be receiving the best education with the best people.”