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Bryan Leppard: Student Resource Officer

Bryan Leppard was born and raised in Greenville County, SC. He graduated from Wade Hampton High School. He grew up playing many sports, but his passion was football which he played from 6 years old to 18 years old. He was able to coach several youth sports after graduating.

He has an associate's degree in Criminal Justice. His career at the Greenville County Sheriff's Office started as a dispatcher when he was 19. He was sworn in as a deputy on his 21st birthday.

While attending the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in late 2007 he was taught multiple aspects of the law in order to become a certified law enforcement officer. After graduating the Criminal Justice Academy he was assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division of the Greenville County Sheriff's Office where he completed field training. He continued to work in the Uniform Patrol for 4 years before transferring to the Warrents Division.

During his assignment to the Warrents Division for approximatley 8 1/2 years he had numerous different duties including but not limited to serving arrest warrents for violent and non-violent offences. He was required to conduct countless hours of research and survelliance on the appointed people. During his time in the Warrents Division he was premoted to the rank of Master Deputy.

He has been through numerous different trainings including terrorist bombing class, pro-active patrol, search warrants, drug interdiction, field training officer, and other classes.