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2019 Exam Schedule

It’s finally December, and that means finals are looming over school life. It is imperative to know when you need to prepare for your tests.

Tuesday, December 10th

Greenville Tech Exams begin on this day! Be sure to check your course schedules and check with your professors to be sure you know when and where you need to be.

Monday, December 16th

This is the last day for Greenville Tech exams. GMC exams begin this day, for periods 2A and 3A.

Tuesday, December 17th

GMC exams for periods 2B and 3B.

Wednesday, December 18th

GMC exams for periods 1A and 4A.

Thursday, December 19th

GMC exams for periods 1B and 4B.

Friday, December 20th

Make up exams. Do NOT come to school if you don’t have an exam to make up!

If you can’t make any of these dates, make sure to talk with your instructor(s) about a possible make-up.