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Are They a Weapon?

On Monday, December 9, 2019 an email was sent to the whole school regarding the ceiling darts around the building. The picture attached to the email was a regular ceiling dart, but with a twist. There was a staple taped to the end of it. That changes the context of the email and the whole situation of the ceiling darts.

Regular ceiling darts, easily, should not be considered a weapon. They are nothing more than a nuisance that can be easily be discarded and forgotten about. The staple changes things. The staple is the dangerous weapon part. Although that is also only if the ceiling dart is aimed at someone else. If it is aimed at the ceiling, as intended, it will only have a greater success rate of sticking.

All in all, the ceiling darts are now classified as weapons once they enter GMC property. If you are caught with a ceiling dart you will be suspended. So be careful out there and leave your ceiling darts at home, sadly, with or without the staples!