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Here's the Deal With Pepsi...

The gym’s construction is going great and there are plans for its future. New classes, a concession stand… and vending machines?!

A GMC newsletter announced we partnered with Pepsi. Specifically, we signed a five-year contract with them in exchange for benefits for the students, the lunchroom, and athletics. All vendor and snack items will stay the same price. The only exception is the price for water and apple juice, which has raised from $0.50 to $1. Pepsi has also committed to a yearly sponsorship for the new activity center.

There are several benefits of the partnership. The first being in the café - I’m sure you’ve noticed the new coolers. Our old ones were noticeably worn down and began being problematic. The new coolers kept us from having to spend money on repairing the older coolers. Another addition with the partnership to Pepsi is adding vending machines to the gym once it’s built. This will allow students staying before or after school to purchase drinks outside of lunch times. Additionally, Pepsi will support GMC athletics, who were given portable coolers to be used for the different athletic teams.

Of course, several students and teachers might be upset with the switch. However, GMC has increased café sales by 37% in the past two years, which caused parent volunteers to be unable to keep enough inventory on hand for students. With the partnership, Pepsi will be delivering products to the school to keep us from running out.

The partnership will not affect out-of-school events. The contract only requires Pepsi products be sold for school profit, so parents can still donate other brands for Party on the Patio and other events. Other drinks, such as Starbucks drinks, can be added to the cooler/vending machines over time.

The decision was made by Parents In Partnership Volunteer Committee along with GMC's administration team.