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An Overwhelming Cat-tastrophe

Over winter break, I made the unfortunate mistake of seeing the movie Cats in theaters. I have seen an abridged version of the musical Cats, and I have been a fan of the musical since I was young. The plot of this movie involves a group of cats called the Jellicle tribe competing to be the “Jellicle choice” so they can be reborn and start a new life.

Besides the plot being confusing, the other aspects of the movie were much more disturbing. For example, the CGI (computer-generated image) used on the cats was both horrifying and inconsistent among cats. Some cat’s CGI seemed to be messily thrown together, while others looked as if they had a little bit of effort put into them. The most disturbing aspect of the CGI for me was the decision to keep the human noses, feet, lips, and hands on the actors. The human features clashed with the cat-like features to create a creature which discomforted every audience member.

Concerning the logistics of the movie, the scale of the cats was wildly incorrect. I remember staring at the screen during one of the most important scenes, only able to think about how one cat’s foot was able to fit into the floorboards exactly as a human’s foot would. This would not have bothered me as much had the rest of the movie been off scale, however, everything else besides the railroad tracks and the floorboards seemed to have some thought put into it as far as the cat’s relation to the object.

As a fan of the musical, the most disappointing part of the movie was that most of the actors were not used to singing the original style of music. Because of this, the genre was changed to a genre similar to Pop, which is not the intended style of music and did not suit the lyrics and storyline. Many of the actors also seemed uncomfortable in their roles, which is understandable considering the final product of the movie. The songs were compiled very similarly, and one of my friends was so bored that she walked out of the movie about 30 minutes in.

Miscellaneous grievances I had with the movie mainly involved the actor’s mannerisms as cats. At one point in the movie, the cats started slapping the floor and meowing. However, the meows sounded like humans saying the word “meow” instead of trying to sound like real cats. They also rubbed against each other’s necks to show affection, which was nothing short of disturbing. Although, the same could be said for the rest of their actions.

One of the only good things I have to say about Cats is that it captured my attention the entire time; it was such a disaster that I could not wait to see what would happen next. The best part of the movie was the background dancers. They were clearly very experienced, and their dancing was impressive.

I am surprisingly glad I saw this movie. I am honored to have seen such a hilarious train-wreck of a movie, but I still regret paying for it.

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