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Meet Ms. Paige

Ms. Paige ManWaring is one of the newest members of GMC’s faculty. She went to Coker University. Ms. Paige was also born and raised in South Carolina, though later she traveled around to Chicago, Orlando and Colorado. Ms. Paige has some incredible stories and interests that she’s learned throughout her life or had since she was little. Ms. Paige has had an amazing career in the professional arts that allowed her to travel to the places that she has been as well as meeting the love of her life in Chicago, who she plans to marry this Halloween. Some interesting things about Ms. Paige are that she is a licensed contractor and she loves classic cars, and anything nerd related. She also loves talking with the students and getting to know them better and hopes to do more of that during her open periods. She also said her door is always open if students want to talk, hangout and get to know each other. Ms. Paige has major plans for next year and can’t wait to get them started: some being show choir and possible intro to movement different skill level starting points. Ms. Paige found out about GMC through her brother-in-law Mr. Brilliant, who shared with her that she could have a chance to start the programs that she had been wanting to start for a while here at GMC. Which she definitely accomplished and has more plans for and can’t wait to get started and spend more time with the amazing students here at GMC. One thing she wanted to share with the students is her favorite quote that inspires her daily and thought could inspire someone else too.

“The more I give myself permission to live in the moment and enjoy it without feeling guilty or judgmental about any other time, the better I feel about the quality of my work.” -Wayne Dyer