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How Should Parents Act During a School Game

We have all seen those parents during school games. Whether it’s basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, or anything with some form of competition at least one parent is out there yelling at their kid, the ref, or just yelling in general. This is a somewhat common occurrence at any game you go to but the question is, is this how parents should be allowed to act?

Personally I have been to many school volleyball games and have found myself feeling terrible for the other parent’s child on the court. Don’t get me wrong, high energy and encouraging yells are fine and fun but when a parent starts telling a coach or ref to do, or take down their kid for what they did it just makes the team and crowd feel bad and take away that fun energy everyone wants. If a parent starts acting like this, in a way that can take down a team or crowd’s moral, the school should warn that person to stop or kick them out.

A school sport should be fun for everyone and if a parent tries to take that away for everyone they should be kicked out of the game, for everyone.