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One of the best feelings you can experience at Greer Middle College Charter High School is when your teacher says, "The internet isn't working." The thought of the printer not connecting and your class inevitably being delayed at least a few minutes is blissful. The idea of class being delayed due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, is ideal.

Honestly, I believe that GMC should look into getting a new Internet provider. Or at least invest in a more stable and reliable Internet package. Maybe some fundraisers, or even funds that we already have, can be put towards better Internet for the school. Especially with assignments and activities relying so heavily on the Internet working. Students in Senior Project cannot get anything done if the Internet goes out, and students in College Seminar cannot work on important college assignments if the Internet does not connect.

As great as getting out of work is, it can be very stressful when you an assignment is almost due and you cannot do anything to work on it.

In conclusion, the Internet going out can sometimes be a blessing in disguise, but it can also be ons of the worst things that can happen while trying to finish up important assignments.