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New Science Center

This Wednesday after school GMC will be having the first meeting of the brand new Science center! It is run by Ms. Sawicki and she is very excited about starting the program. As it is just the beginning, she has asked select students to participate in the program as tutors. Anyone needing help in any science classes offers at GMC is encouraged to attend for additional help with their subject. After the initial trial run this Wednesday, she will 'hire' more students to take part in tutoring as needed. These students will be payed in service hours for their time helping their fellow students. The criteria to become a tutor is to have taken the class you plan to help students in and have a high grade upon completion of the class. Along with this, the student must be comfortable with speaking with another student about the information and helping them learn(as an tutor would). We cannot wait to see the success of this new program at GMC!