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Why We Need a Third Guidance Counselor

High School Guidance Counselors are vital members of the education system. They set up students’ schedules, guide them on what classes to take, help seniors apply to colleges, help students with emotional issues, and act as a figure for a student to turn to in a time of need.

The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) recommends a student-to-counselor ratio of 250:1. Since Greer Middle College separates counselors by the first two and last two grade levels, we have 253 students for Ms. Looper and 211 students for Ms. McCammon. Technically, since Ms. Looper is three students over, the ASCA recommends a second counselor for the first to grade levels.

Personally, I think the real issue is having a second counselor for seniors. Ms. McCammon has to tend to college admissions, including writing recommendations and sending transcripts, on top of her normal job for both juniors and seniors. I know if I was Ms. McCammon, I would often be complaining about the workload. It is simply too much work for one person to be expected to do without error.

I think we can rectify this issue by having two counselors for the first three grades and a counselor dedicated to just seniors. This would give the two counselors 374 students to divide among the both of them, and only 90 students for the senior counselor. This would substantially reduce the amount of stress and work on the senior counselor and make sure he/she has time for both the students and the students’ college admissions.