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Senior Project Spotlight

Senoir Project is a task that all senoirs at GMC face. They find interesting ideas and spend the school year creating them. One of these warriors is Avery Graham. He is facing a battle with Aquaponics. Aquaponics is when farmers use fish waste to grow plants. He decided on this senior project because he likes farming and fishing and this idea combines them together. He made his own aquaponics farm by looking at other designs and creating one of his own. His first try on building the tank was a success. He only needed to make a few adjustments. Avery did this by cutting an IBC tank in two parts. He used the bottom portion for the fish tank and the top portion for the grow bed for the plants. Avery spent around $150-$200 on fish, a water pump, an air pump and strawberry plants. He already had the tank so he did not have to spend money on it. During this project Avery could not find a place to buy the fish. Thankfully he found a pay pond in Merietta to buy fish from. Avery says that his favorite part of his project was "learning about the farmimg". Aquaponics is a better idea than farming because aquaponics uses 90% less water then regular farming. The water used in aquaponics is moved from the fish tank to the growbed in a cycle. The water with fish waste is transfered to the growbed and the plants suck out all the nutrients. Then the now clean water is returned to the fish tank and ready for the cycle to repeat itself. Avery says that he plans to continue his farm in the future, but he will only keep the one tank he has now. This is because the growbed can hold up to 60 plants at one time. You are coming into the home stretch Avery. We wish you the best of luck!