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Top 10 Things to Do On Spring Break

March 16 - 20 is Spring Break! We're so close. If you don't have any plans yet, here are a few ideas!

1. The most popular choice: go to Myrtle Beach or Charleston! You're more likely to see warm weather there and have more activities to keep you occupied.

2. Visit colleges you'd like to attend. If you haven't decided which college you're going to go to, use Spring Break to your advantage and visit colleges so you can see which one you like the most.

3. Shadow workers in the field you're interested in. With permission, follow them around for a day to see if the job you're dreaming of is really right for you.

4. On the sunny days, go walk in downtown Greenville. Even if you find shopping boring, there are plenty of things to see. Getting out of the house can be difficult sometimes, but it's a great thing for physical and mental health.

5. Play video games or do crafts! Sometimes you need a day to relax and be alone. There were a whole nine weeks between the end of Winter Break and the start of Spring Break. You need some time to rest.

6. SLEEP! We've all had at least a few days when we had to stay up late doing schoolwork. Sleep is vital for health, so sleep in if you need to.

7. Go somewhere fun that you enjoy - like to the movies, YMCA, or roller skating rink. (I highly suggest going to Spare Time. They have a bowling alley, an arcade, and escape rooms!)

8. I know we all hate to hear about it, but if you're lacking in service hours, you should use Spring Break wisely and catch up on them. You don't want to do them all last minute!

9. Take an art or cooking class. They're fun and get you to use your creativity.

10. Lastly, never forget that books can take you anywhere. There's a book for everyone, even if you think reading is boring.