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What's The Deal With Fire Alarms?

Fire! It hurts. I know from experience, please don't try and see if it hurts, because it does. I promise. Fire not only hurts our bodies, but buildings as well. It is typical of any legally built building to have measures in place to the end of alarming any people in said building to the presence of a fire. For safety's sake, of course.

But... Why does it sound so... Weird? It can't just be me, right? In all my many-ish years, I have never heard a fire alarm that strikes me as odd, and not nearly as odd as the GMC fire alarm. It's certainly no issue of import, but it really is an itch with me. And it has words! Why have words in an alarm? You can just make it loud! Please do note, I am not upset. Far from it, I am merely confused. Severely confused. Perhaps even pathologically confused.

If anyone has information about or justification for the odd fire alarm in our school, or an assertion of normalcy, please contact me at my email, Please, I simply must know.