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Why St. Patrick's Day Should be a National Holiday

St. Patrick's Day, right now, is a cultural and sometimes a religious holiday. This holiday has a lot of significance with Irish culture. Please try to forget about the "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" shirts worn, usually, all year long. At this point in time, we still go to school on St. Patricks Day, which is something I believe we should change.

Many holidays are given time off, either directly or indirectly. For example, we get time off for Christmas, under the guise of "winter break," but at an earlier point in time, it was "Christmas break." An indirect example of this is with Easter. Spring break is meant to serve as an "Easter break," but it has never been explicitly stated as such. Spring break is just meant to discreetly give people time to observe and celebrate Easter. So why not for St. Patrick's Day?

St. Patrick's Day is a day for some to celebrate their culture, but they cannot do that if they have school to attend. About "464,000 of the 4,800,000-plus" (WSCS 2016) claim to have Irish ancestry, and with this number coming from 2016, we can only assume that the number has grown. We should give those people the time to appreciate their culture, or maybe at least an excused absence for students who would choose to celebrate.

While St. Patrick's Day has been made to seem less important to people, most likely by media, it is very important to some people, and it should be treated as such.


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