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Top 10 Saint Patrick Things to Wear

Saint Patricks day is right around the corner so to prepare here are the top ten things to wear this holiday!

  1. Your Quality Foods uniform Shirt: Work and live in high fashion and if you don’t have yours, go rob Riley Grubbs, a fellow junior newspaper student.

  2. Your green m&m socks from 2009: Have a hottie on your body… more feet than body… but still green!

  3. Your funny money glasses from your kindergarten friends birthday: You can be stylish and green and prove you are rich. These glasses say, hey I have an extra quarter for chips right here!

  4. A tiny green dog sweater found in the clearance area of Petsmart: Trust me it’ll fit you just need confidence, baby.

  5. The cool hospital gown you get during your colonoscopy: Take it home and wear it out; trust me the hospital gown is the least they can give you.

  6. Your mom's wedding dress you dyed green the night before: She’s gonna love it man! RIT dye will do the job just fine, trust me!

  7. Green lederhosen: Who says Saint Patrick's day is just for the Irish? Wear some fashionable lederhosen for that perfect touch of green for the modest Saint Patrick's day fanatic

  8. Your elf onesie from target: It is green.

  9. Twinkle toes shoes: The light does change colors so for brief periods of time (stepping and non) you will be in the danger zone, but still very fun!

  10. Your off-brand sonic the hedgehog costume: Hey, it may be green, but it gets the job done and increases your speed by 2% if you hold your breath.